January 2015

Hello Darkness, my old friend

“WEEKS of largely uninterrupted electricity supply came to an abrupt end yesterday when large parts of the country were plunged into darkness as Eskom implemented load shedding “due to unforeseen technical problems” at power stations”. Read more


GLOOMY EVE: A slow shutter speed reveals the only light along Sea Points Main Road after load shedding had plunged the suburb into near darkness as dusk approached night. Photo: Jeffrey Abrahams

Eskom implementing stage 1 load shedding

“ The power system is severely constrained today due to unforeseen technical problems at power stations. As a result Eskom has had to go into stage 1 load shedding as of 11:00. This will continue until 22:00 this evening.”  Read more

Off the Grid

Video: What happens when Eskom finally runs out of money is anyone’s guess, but some mavericks already generate their own power. What does it take and is it a viable option? As the country faces another three months of constrained power supply, Carte Blanche meets people living completely off the grid.Click here

South Africa sees financial benefits from renewable energy in 2014 – CSIR

​“The renewable energy from South Africa’s first wind and solar projects last year delivered R800-million more in financial benefits for the country than it cost, according to a study by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR).”  Read more

Solar Power To Reach Its Zenith

“​Eskom may be unable to avert an energy crisis, but South African households and businesses can generate power on their rooftops at a cost per kilowatt that rivals that of megaprojects such as Medupi or Kusile, without subsidies or incentives”.  Read more

Solar power helps office park stay on during load shedding

​“With companies such as Sola Future guaranteeing their solar systems’ energy output, a solar array is a good investment.” Watch Video


SOLA Completes 212kW Cape Quarter Project


Cape Quarter

SOLA has completed the 212kW solar project and it is operating to its expected level of performance. Cape Quarter shopping centre is owned by Tower Properties and is the first in a number of buildings under investigation for solar PV roll-out.  The project was completed in 4 weeks from getting to site and represents one of the first shopping centres being powered by solar PV in Cape Town. The project is permitted to operate as en embedded generator in the City of Cape Town’s electrical network.

Cape Town Changes Its Load Shedding Schedule

“ As of February 1 2015, the City of Cape Town will be implementing a new load shedding schedule as, and when, load shedding is declared by Eskom”.  Read more

Loadshedding is back

“Due to the electricity demand that has exceeded the supply; Eskom  implemented load shedding Stage 1 from 11:00 until 22:00 tonight.”  Read more

SA Businesses Urged To Invest In Customised Solar Solutions

​“The rising cost of energy paired with the unreliability of the national electricity supplier has become a growing concern for SA businesses that are heavily dependent on electricity supply. In the light of this many business owners are starting to consider renewable sources of energy such as Photovoltaic (PV) solutions – better known as solar power –as a sustainable energy source, which is now accessible without risking upfront capital.”  Read more