June 2015


Construction is complete on Ingenuity Property’s 492kW Foreshore Building PV System


Ingenuity’s Atlantic Building

SOLA Future Energy has completed the construction of a 492kW solar PV array for Ingenuity Property on the Atlantic Centre and Park-a-lot buildings in the Foreshore, Cape Town. The project is fully operational and performing as expected. It will produce 776,000 kWh annually. The modules have a guaranteed lifetime of 20 years, SOLA Future will provide an operations and maintenance service in support of energy yield guarantees. The project is the first of a number of potential sites within Ingenuity’s portfolio that may benefit from a solar power array.

Beautiful stained glass window generates solar power

“ Solar panels may be an excellent, eco-friendly energy solution, but they are not particularly easy on the eye. We have already seen a more attractive option in the form of decorative indoor solar panelling from Finland, and now Dutch designer Marjan van Aubel has created a solar stained glass window: the Current Window is constructed from colored glass which can harness direct or diffused sunlight and generate enough energy to power small electrical devices”.  Read more