February 2016

Freddy Hirsch 392kWp Industrial Facility Completed

The Freddy Hirsch Factory in Montague Gardens is a landmark project as its the first industrial client that Sola Future has constructed for.   Typically industrial clients have lower tariffs than commercial building owners and thus are less inclined to invest into Solar PV projects.  This project shows that the hyper inflationary tariff increases that Eskom has been implementing over the past 5 years are starting to take effect on all types of energy users.

“The Freddy Hirsch Facility is our best performing project in a specific yield basis” says Nick Prinsloo, Head of Projects at Sola Future Energy, “This is due to the optimal North Facing Pitch of the roofs at the facility.  The PV project also caters for close to 90% of the Freddy Hirsch’s energy requirements during the peak of the day”.

The project marks the end of a successful year for Sola Future Energy where a total of 3MWp was installed on rooftops.

Solar Power Grid-Tied Systems Yield Energy Cost Efficiency

“​Using solar power as a grid-tied system rather than a load-shedding intervention secures efficient, reliable and long-term energy pricing, says solar PV solutions supplier Sola Future Energy FD Dom Chennells”.  Read more