August 2016

Solar panels

Wind, solar can supply bulk of South Africa’s power at least cost, CSIR model shows

There has been much discussion in recent months about the work done by the Council for Scientific and IndustrialResearch Energy Centre into the role thatrenewable energy could play in South Africa’s future electricity mix. In an extensive interview with Engineering News Online, Dr Tobias Bischof-Niemz outlines the key findings of the research and unpacks the possible implications. The article follows:Read more

Renewable energy makes financial and environmental sense, and is a threat to Eskom

​Recent comments by Brian Molefe, Eskom’s chief executive, might lead an impartial person to wonder whether there is an orchestrated effort to undermine renewable energy deployment in South Africa.

If there is, it would not be surprising that the power utility leads the charge, trying to resist the development of more efficient and independent competitors. The same has happened in every country around the world where decision-makers and members of the public have decided, based on sound science and economics, to dismantle the outdated state-controlled electricity generation model in favour of a more cost-effective, transparent and efficient model that includes less dependency on fossil fuelsRead more

Will Eskom avoid the utility death spiral?

​”Eskom is looking to cut its use of private power and has proposed nuclear as the final solution, but it may be making a major business model mistake, write Graham Schwikkard and Aaron Burton of Datta Burton & Associates.”  Read more