SOLA appoints three new managing directors

Today SOLA Group announced that Dom Wills has opted to step down…

Partner with SOLA to buy green, clean energy for your business

South African businesses have historically had little choice…
SOLA signs land lease agreement with Eskom

SOLA signs land lease agreement with Eskom for renewable energy development

We have concluded land lease agreements with power utility Eskom,…
Adams solar PV wheeling facilitySOLA Group

Sick of load-shedding? How wheeling can save the South African electricity landscape

Wheeling is the start of a modernised electricity picture, as it uses Eskom’s grid to connect private buyers and sellers together, in turn making more space for competition and choice for private buyers.
Adams solar facility in the Northern Cape

What does the first large-scale wheeling project mean for South Africa?

SOLA has officially launched a first-of-its-kind 10 MW solar plant in the Northern Cape three months ahead of schedule, which provides clean energy to Amazon Web Services via the Eskom grid.
Solar PV key to operational and business competitivenessSOLA

SOLA launches its first engineering bursary to encourage solar PV expertise amongst electrical engineers

SOLA has launched its first engineering bursary, giving the opportunity for a final year electrical engineering student to have their tuition paid for and a job opportunity as a graduate engineer in the solar PV field.
Growthpoint Constantia Village Shopping CentreSOLA

What the 100 MW license cap lift means for your business

The Electricity Regulation Act of 2006 is an important piece of legislation that governs how electricity is generated and distributed in South Africa. The amendment to schedule 2 of the ERA means that the 1MW cap has been lifted - which is great news for large energy consumers in South Africa.
SOLA head of Project Development, Katherine Persson, visits a solar project.

What does a career in renewable energy look like if you’re a woman?

Whilst Women’s day in South Africa marks the historical contribution of women to ending Apartheid, it is also an opportunity to bring into public discourse the long way we have to go to reach gender equality. We asked some of our female executives what made them join (and stay in) the renewable energy world.
Solar PV PPA at Chamdor Brewery in JohannesburgSOLA

The definitive guide to solar PPAs

There’s been growing interest in solar PPAs over the past few years, and they are now much more mainstream. However, you may still have some questions about PPAs and solar finance. What are PPAs, and how can they benefit your business? We’ve put together a definitive guide to help.
Solar PV construction on a new building siteSOLA

Is installing embedded solar PV in new property developments worthwhile?

Embedded solar PV generation is often retrofitted in industrial buildings due to its immense cost and carbon benefits. However, new buildings and greenfield property developments stand to benefit greatly from incorporating solar PV into their designs as well.
Solar PV jobs in South AfricaSOLA

New report shows that job creation in the PV sector is inevitable

A new study, completed by the CSIR and commissioned by the South African Photovoltaic Industry Association (SAPVIA) with sponsorship from SOLA, has set out to look at just how many jobs solar PV has created in South Africa so far, and what we can expect from the industry in the future.
Energy Wheeling supplies power to areas located away from the direct source of power

SOLA gets approval for largest solar PV wheeling agreement in South Africa

A flagship renewable energy project, commissioned by Amazon, is set to demonstrate the flexibility and convenience of procuring independent power through the electricity grid.
South Africa electricity grid supply

The great opportunity to reform South Africa’s power sector

Whilst renewables still make up a small share of South Africa’s total generation capacity, the growing cost gap between the grid and solar, along with falling battery prices, means that South African electricity consumers are faced with something new in the context of our traditionally monopolistic electricity market: choice.
solar PV and energy storage solutionsSOLA

Is it possible for your business to go off-grid?

Grid reliability has been severely reduced over the past few years and Eskom tariffs are substantially higher than the costs of solar on an average lifetime basis. As such, many companies are looking at the possibility of severing ties with the grid and managing their energy needs independently.
Solar PV PPA at Chamdor Brewery in JohannesburgSOLA

How new methods of procuring solar electricity enable more access to affordable power

Intuitively, solar-generated electricity is cheap: the sun, after all, is a free resource, and compared to fossil-based energy such as coal and gas that require constant inputs, once installed, solar PV systems harness the sun’s energy for “free”, providing years of clean energy. PPAs are now allowing businesses to access this "free" power.
Sirius Solar PV farm, UpingtonSOLA

How electricity generation has changed over the past 10 years – and what it bodes for our future

Alongside the global pandemic, electricity has been on many South African’s minds this year. And rightly so: South Africans can expect a 15% increase in their electricity costs from mid-2021, marking more than a decade of average annual increases of 14%, relative to average inflation of just under 6%.
Industrial Solar Installations SOLASOLA

Load Shedding Solutions for Your Business

With the prospect of load shedding being around for at least another three years, considering viable alternative sources of power is important for business.
Women solar engineersSOLA

Women in STEM: SOLA engineers share their experience

SOLA is committed to diversity - and believes in the power of diverse thought to enhance the work that we do. Today, we take a look at two women engineers at SOLA who are on their own mission to change the world.
Mining in africa

Why remote mines in Africa should be considering energy storage

Africa is blessed with great solar resource, as well as mineral and metal resources - making mining an important industry on the continent. But remotely-located mining operations often mean that energy generation is an important concern.
Solar PV key to operational and business competitivenessSOLA

Three ways to future proof your business in light of COVID-19

We are now into our third month of lockdown, and are starting to see the widespread economic impact of the COVID 19 pandemic. In light of this, how will businesses prepare for the already uncertain future?
Solar power systems can assist businesses - ABInbevSOLA

How Solar Power Systems Can Help Your Business?

Solar power systems are not only relevant to governments and large utilities looking to procure solar power, but to commercial and industrial businesses too. Currently, solar PV systems are the cheapest form of available power, and prices are continuing to drop.
solar could help Africa's economy to growyes

Removal of Power Constraints Crucial for Post COVID-19 Recovery

It is difficult to understand why the main limitations to private power generation have not been removed, despite repeated pledges from government to that effect. There is a real danger that while grappling with the immediate crisis, policymakers will shelve the issue indefinitely.
Solar for mining operations

Solar PV Microgrids for Mining: cost-cutting meets sustainability

The mining sector is one of the most important economic contributors to the African economy. However, mining is also facing several challenges – particularly with regards to sustainability and cost-saving. Mining operations are increasingly turning to solar PV microgrids as a reliable and sustainable alternative energy option.
Solar Power Systems - Alrode Brewery in Alberton - industrial solar power system

AB InBev bolster breweries with 8.7 MW renewable energy from SOLA

The Power Purchase Agreements will total around 8.7 MW DC capacity. Of this, 2.6 MW have already reached practical completion with the remaining projects in advanced stages of construction. Renewable energy solutions are a quick and efficient way for South Africa to reduce energy demand on Eskom’s constrained grid.
Plattekloof village solar PPASOLA

SOLA starts 2020 by reaching 100 GWh target

SOLA has officially met its goal to generate over 100 000 000 kWh of clean energy by 2020 - with a day to spare. 100 000 000 kWh of clean energy in South Africa, where the carbon factor is quite high because of a coal-based electricity system, equates to saving around 92 590 tons of carbon emissions equivalents (CO2eq).
Capella Stella – North West Province – South AfricaSOLA

Can urban high-energy consumers benefit from solar PV?

It’s no surprise that high energy consumers are those that might benefit the most from renewable energy. But simply adding a few solar panels is not necessarily the answer either. 
Solar PV Wheeling - Solar Wheeling South AfricaSOLA

Solar and wind energy could set South Africa on track for the world’s cheapest electricity

It’s a no-brainer — a move to renewable energy will not only boost the economy and create jobs, it is also the path to providing South Africa with potentially the cheapest electricity in the world given our natural wind and solar resources.
Solar installation for industrial buildingsSOLA

Industrial solar installations – dos and don’ts for facilities managers

The below guide highlights 5 dos and don’ts for facilities managers to ensure that the procurement of solar is an effortless one.
Solar for mines

How solar for mines helps to reduce operational costs and achieve a lower carbon footprint

Mining facilities that typically rely on diesel electricity can use a solar microgrid to reduce the overall cost of energy, increase energy resiliency, thus ensuring control of their energy and power requirements.
Aspen Industrial FacilitySOLA

Is solar energy suitable for my business?

you might be wondering if solar PV is relevant for your business. It is worth considering that various factors affect the overall costs and tariffs of solar PV systems.
Industrial and Commercial solar PV projects

SOLA secures R400M to finance solar PV projects for Commercial and Industrial properties through Power Purchase Agreements

The SOLA Group has secured R400m in order to build commercial and industrial solar PV facilities across Southern Africa.
Solar Microgrids and Battery Storage

Achieving electricity cost reductions through energy storage

Energy storage represents the major opportunity for the electricity sector, but how affordable is it for business to adopt?
FMCG industrial manufacturing has great potential for Africa

Solar for the FMCG Sector: Clean Energy Solutions that Work

FMCG is one of the largest drivers of the industrial sector in Africa, presenting a wealth of opportunity for manufacturers and distributors
Energy Wheeling supplies power to areas located away from the direct source of power
Capella Stella – North West Province – South AfricaSOLA

SOLA awarded 40 MW solar projects in Zambia

The SOLA Group, in a consortium with Globeleq, has been awarded…
How to prevent loadshedding in commercial buildings

3 Options to proof your commercial and industrial building from load shedding

Whether it is a backup generator, installing a solar PV system with a backup generator or battery, or going entirely off-grid, there are options for commercial and industrial buildings in South Africa
Aries utility solar PPA in South Africa

Electricity in SA seems bleak, but it’s loaded with opportunity.

Originally published on LinkedIn What the Eskom’s current state…
Fair Cape Dairies solar agribusinessyes

Is solar the green solution agribusiness needs?

Agribusiness contributes significantly to a country’s overall…
solar could help Africa's economy to growyes

A reflection on South Africa’s energy landscape in 2018

South Africa’s renewable energy sector received a new lease…
SOLA and project 90 by 2030 worked together on solar PV mentorship programme with Khayelitsha youth

Salt River Secondary receives a solar system, thanks to Project 90 and SOLA

On 7 December, SOLA Future Energy was privileged to build a solar…
SOLA Operations and Maintenance (O&M)

O&M service contracts 101: how to choose an O&M service provider

We’ve spoken previously about the value of obtaining O&M…
Solar PPAs are an affordable way to access the benefits of solar electricity

5 FAQs about solar PPAs

In some of our previous posts, we’ve alluded to the benefits…
Fair Cape Dairies 100 kWp solar system

When cost reduction is king: 3 sectors perfect for solar finance

If you’re in business in South Africa, you’re likely feeling…

SOLA’s Robben Island Project wins SANEA Project of the Year Award

SOLA Future Energy has won SANEA's Energy Project of the Year…
Solar finance options make solar PV available to large businesses in Africa

Finance options for rooftop solar PV in Southern Africa

If your business is considering a solar PV system, chances are…
Operations and Maintenance ensures that solar systems perform optimally

How to save through solar: 3 tips for commercial and industrial property managers

It’s long been known that managing commercial and industrial…
solar PV for commercial and industrial property

Installing solar on your commercial or industrial property? 6 questions you need to ask

Installing solar PV systems on commercial or industrial property…
Cedar Mill Mall goes solaryes

Going wire-free in Africa: Two examples

Our last blog post focused on how microgrids in Africa can enable…
Entasopia Kenya, powered by solar microgrid

Microgrids in Africa: rethinking the centralised electricity grid

Think about it: just two decades ago, many African towns were…
Solar mining in Africa - Solar For Mines

How the mining sector in Africa can benefit from solar energy

The mining sector is one of Africa’s largest, with much of…
Africa has immense solar PV potential. Source: Global Solar Atlas, owned by the World Bank Group and provided by Solargis.

5 African countries that are perfect for solar PV

Although Africa has historically been labelled “the dark continent”,…
Langeberg Mall - Mossel Bay

Reflections on the last 5 years of solar PV

Over the last five years, solar PV has moved from a peripheral…
Solar PV offers several ways to optimise the industrial sector

5 ways solar PV can optimise your industrial electricity usage

Inexpensive electricity is the foundation of a globally competitive…
Design engineer completes an industrial solar system design for a industrial power purchase agreement (PPA)

New design engineer off to a great start with industrial solar system design

Mandilakhe Qavane has been with SOLA Future Energy for about…
Robben Island battery bank

Robben Island’s 666.4 kW solar PV and battery storage microgrid

Last week, the Minister of Tourism opened the Robben Island solar…
Robben Island Tourism

Video clip shows the transformation of Robben Island into a beacon of hope

When SOLA found out that they had won the contract to build a…
Robben Island Solaryes

The Robben Island solar microgrid shows the power of solar PV and batteries

It has been almost a year and a half since the Robben Island…
SOLA obtains ISO 9001:2015

SOLA Future Energy obtains ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certification

SOLA Future Energy has obtained its ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management…
solar leases provide the benefits of solar energy without upfront costs

How long is a solar lease or PPA?

With no upfront costs, solar leases are an attractive option…
SOLA and Atterbury Property Developments partnership to see 20 MW solar capacity built

SOLA Future Energy and Atterbury partnership to see 20 MW solar capacity built over next few years

SOLA Future Energy and Atterbury Property Developments have partnered…
SOLA Future Energy opens its Johannesburg Office

SOLA Opens its doors in Johannesburg

Since its foundation in Cape Town in 2013, SOLA Future Energy…
Intersolar Europe SOLA Future

Takeaways from Intersolar 2017: the latest and greatest in solar technology

​SOLA CEO, Dom Wills, and CTO, Ian Burger, attended the world’s largest…
Intersolar Europe

Reflections from Intersolar, day 1

SOLA CEO, Dom Wills and CTO, Ian Burger, are currently in Munich…
Solar at Century City Convention CentreYes

SOLA Future Energy helps to green Century City Conference Centre

This week, SOLA Future Energy was pleased to assist the Century…
Solar Wembley squareYes

SOLA Future Energy installs 550 kW solar system in Gardens

SOLA Future Energy recently completed a rooftop solar PV installation…
IPIC Soneike solaryes

780 kW solar system at Soneike Mall, Kuils River

SOLA future energy recently completed a 780 kW solar rooftop…
Parkwood Primary goes solarYes

Parkwood Primary School goes solar!

As part of a community development program, SOLA Future Energy…
Africa has immense solar PV potential. Source: Global Solar Atlas, owned by the World Bank Group and provided by Solargis.

SA leading the way on renewable energy

One has to wonder what motivation the South African Nuclear Energy…
Solar panels

Wind, solar can supply bulk of South Africa’s power at least cost, CSIR model shows

There has been much discussion in recent months about the work…
Africa has immense solar PV potential. Source: Global Solar Atlas, owned by the World Bank Group and provided by Solargis.