Fair Cape Dairies solar PPA with SOLA Future Energy
Fair Cape Dairies solar agribusiness

99kWp Solar PV system at Fair Cape Dairies, Western Cape

SOLA is pleased to announce its Power Purchase Agreement with Fair Cape Dairies at their milking parlour in Durbanville. The solar PV farm, which was constructed over 2 weeks, will provide clean energy to the farm during the day, and reduce the farm’s total consumption by 16% per annum over its 25-year lifespan.

“Businesses that commit to clean energy, such as Fair Cape Dairies, are helping to lead the way for South Africa’s sustainable development,” said Dr Chris Haw, chairperson of SOLA. Dr Haw is also the head of SOLA Future Energy’s Solar Finance division.

“Companies such as Fair Cape Dairies that have committed to sustainability goals, may not want to purchase a solar system outright,” Dr Haw explained. “Solar finance – through a power purchase agreement – allows these businesses to commit to their targets and reduce their carbon emissions through buying clean energy directly. During the day, Fair Cape Dairies will use the clean energy generated on their roof for their own consumption needs, without owning the solar system themselves.”

Technical details of the solar system are included below.

Fair Cape Dairy solar PV Project Details
DC: The project size is 99 kWp DC.
AC: The solar system can deliver a maximum of 80 kW AC.
System components: The solar PV system is made up of 300 poly-crystalline solar modules of 330 watts in size, with 1 inverter.
Electricity production per annum: The project is expected to produce 166 125 kWh of energy in its first year of production, 16% of the farm’s current 1 053 295 kWh consumption per year.
Lifespan: 25 years
CO2 Reduction: This results in 147 Tons of CO2 reduction each year of the PV plant operating.
Percentage reduction on overall footprint: This is a 16% reduction in the energy consumption of the property.