Konkoonsies II Pofadder – Northern Cape Province – South Africa


Pofadder – Northern Cape Province – South Africa

This is the 75MW second phase of the Round 1 project, awarded in Round 4 of the REIPPPP. As in Phase One, this project was originated by SOLA and developed as a greenfield site in partnership with BioTherm Energy. Development activities were handed over to BioTherm after the award of the first phase. Before handover, extensive consultation with Eskom was undertaken on downstream infrastructure upgrades of the Paulputs Main Transmission Substation and the second 220kV Paulputs-Aggeneys transmission line.

Key activities by SOLA:

  • Majority of permitting and licensing of project
  • Comment and consultation on design drawings in relation to permits and authorisations
ProjectKonkoonsies II
Program & round awardedSouth Africa’s Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Program (REIPPPP), Round 4
Size (MW AC)75
StatusAwarded Preferred Bidder, ready for Financial Close
LocationPofadder, Northern Cape, South Africa
SOLA’s roleOriginator & Developer
Project sponsorBiotherm Energy
Tons CO2 avoided (p.a.)217,150