Maskam Mall - Vredendal. Photo courtesy of Noble Property Fund

535 kW solar system, Maskam Mall, Cederberg Region

Maskam Mall, a retail property in the Cederberg town of Vredendal, has recently converted so solar energy.

The retail centre currently uses 2 373 318 kWh of electricity per annum, and the Cederberg region provides the perfect uninterrupted irradiance perfect for solar. Consisting of 1620  Canadian Solar 330 watt polycrystalline modules with 5 Ingeteam 100TL 3 Play Inverters, the solar system can deliver 534.6 kWp, allowing the mall to reduce its electricity consumption by 877 660 kWh per year. This equates to a carbon emissions saving of 778 tons CO2 per year of the system operating.

The mall will also make significant energy and demand savings, enabling the project to be paid back in just 4 years 9 months.  Congratulations to Noble Property Fund for their fantastic investment in solar energy!

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