Old Mutual solar PV Carport
Old Mutual Solar PV Carport

1 MW system at Old Mutual Head Office


Old Mutual Head Office commissioned SOLA to build a 1 MW solar installation. Carried out in two separate phases, the solar system consists of a solar carport solution, as well as part of its West Campus building roof. The phases were completed in December 2016 and April 2017 respectively.

Carports are uniquely positioned to assist with solar production. The solution at Old Mutual not only provides shade for the cars parking there during the day, but also harnesses the sun’s energy during peak radiation hours for use in the Old Mutual head office in Pinelands, Cape Town. The system, together with the rooftop installment, is expected to produce 2 203 668 kWh of electricity for the office park per annum.

Old Mutual emerging markets CEO Rose Keanly said that the commitment to the system “proves that big corporates are able to make a meaningful difference by being resourceful and thinking creatively to find solutions for the challenges of our time.”

Around 6 – 8% of the office park’s electricity consumption will be provided by solar for the next 25 years. This should result in at least a R 3 712 880 monetary saving per year. With these savings in mind, the solar system will pay itself back in 5.5 years.

Projects such as this demonstrate a simple step that large buildings can take toward securing their own energy supply in the future whilst cutting their own carbon emissions.