Sonkeike IPIC Shopping Centre
IPIC Shopping Centre Soneike in Kuils River boasts 780 kW solar system

780 KW Solar System At IPIC Soneike Mall, Kuils River

SOLA recently completed a 780 kW solar rooftop installation at IPIC Soneike Mall,in Kuils River. The shopping centre, which contains a range of retail shops, is owned by IPIC Properties.

The property currently uses around 5,4m kWh of electricity per annum. With the new solar system, it is expected that roughly 1,2m kWh will be generated through the sun’s power, saving the complex over R1,7m per year in energy costs and reducing their carbon footprint by 22% per annum.

The project at Soneike is one of several retail clients that SOLA has installed with rooftop solar over the past year. Property owners are opting in for solar systems based on their efficiency and the energy cost savings that they promise. All of SOLA’s installed systems are guaranteed for 20 years, and generally take 4 – 6 years to pay off. For Soneike, this means that they’ll have 14 years of free electricity and enjoy the benefits of a reduced carbon footprint and reduced tariff costs.