Western Cape Blood Service solar PV system
Western Cape Blood Service

Western Cape Blood Service headquarters in Cape Town get a solar boost

The newly-rebranded Western Cape Blood Service has received a solar boost to its headquarters in Pinelands, Cape Town. The non-profit organisation, which provides essential blood services to hospitals in the Western Cape Region, is now powered by the sun – at least during the day.

SOLA designed and constructed the solar PV system, comprising of 676 solar panels and four solar inverters, which convert the direct current electricity into usable AC electricity.

With the current energy consumption of the building at just under 1 million kWh per annum, the solar system will save the Service more than a third of its energy requirements – and prevent 300 tons of carbon emissions per year.

“At the Western Cape Blood Service, a reliable supply of energy is critical to our operations and the sustainability of our organisation. We always consider the environment in which we operate, and we are proud to move to solar power as the first step towards cleaner energy” says Dr Greg Bellairs, WCBS CEO/Medical Director.

The Western Cape Blood Service collects and distributes blood to state and private hospitals around the Western Cape region, where it is used for accident and trauma victims, surgery and other procedures.

“It is a privilege to work with a client who is doing such good work in the Western Cape,” said Dom Wills, CEO of SOLA. “Climate Change will affect human health, particularly in Africa. Procuring renewable energy is an admirable way of displaying commitment to reducing the effects of climate change and ensuring better health of individuals in the Western Cape Region,” he added.

Many people will rely on a blood transfusion at some point in their lives, and the WCBS is the essential partner between donation and transfusion. The solar PV system at their headquarters will produce 335 000 kWh of clean energy per year for the next 25 years.