EBook Cover SOLA Future- A Guide To Understanding Your Electricity Tariff - SOLA Future Energy 337As an industrial or commercial business owner, it can be confusing to understand electricity tariffs, particularly if you are wanting to reduce your electricity costs.

By downloading this free guide, you can learn the basics of understanding your electricity tariff in order to understand how you can make your building more energy-efficient, thus saving your commercial or industrial business money.

Some of the information covered in the guide includes:

  • What is an energy charge, and what factors do utilities or municipalities consider when creating it?
  • What is a demand charge, and how does it differ to energy charges?
  • How can you understand your energy consumption patterns better in order to optimise on your electricity cost?
  • How are tariffs applied, and how do you work out your “effective” or “blended” tariff?
  • How your business could be affected by the way that electricity tariffs are applied
  • Introducing solar to reduce energy consumption and demand

The book also includes

  • A basic checklist of questions to ask when building an energy consumption profile
  • 2017/2018 Tariff References for Ekurhuleni and Johannesburg City Power tariff structures

About the Author

Daniel Goldstuck is head of Energy Storage Services at the SOLA Group. He holds a Bsc. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of the Witwatersrand, and has extensive experience in managing the financial close of solar assets, with specific focus on technical, legal and regulatory aspects of grid connections. Previously, he researched the Chinese market for Combined Heat and Power plants and Coal Bed Methane capture technologies.