SOLA Ebook Solar PV Maintenance Cover
Solar PV is a truly disruptive technology, providing numerous businesses and residences with affordable, reliable electricity. As each solar system is asset with a 25+ year lifespan, it is essential that planning and procuring a solar system includes provision for Operations and Maintenance (O&M).

This will help to ensure the longevity, as well as the productivity, of the solar system.

In SOLA's Ebook on Maintaining productivity on grid-tied solar PV, you will learn:

  • Securing financial returns on solar systems
  • Operations and Maintenance 101: what solar systems require to keep running
  • Warranties and Guarantees: the ins and outs of system component replacements
  • Health and safety: maintaining embedded generation safely
  • What to consider when choosing an Operations and Maintenance provider
  • Can I do Operations and Maintenance myself?

Download the free ebook

The ebook includes an annual solar PV maintenance guide.

    The book also includes

    • An Operations and Maintenance template for annual solar system
      maintenance planning.

    About the Author

    Liam May is the Operations and Maintenance manager at SOLA Future Energy. Holding an MPhil in Energy and Development Studies from the University of Cape Town, Liam has several years of project management experience in the solar energy industry. He currently manages SOLA's 23 MW O&M portfolio.