Partner with SOLA to buy green, clean energy for your business

South African businesses have historically had little choice when it comes to buying electricity. SOLA helped to change that when we built the first utility-scale solar PV wheeling project in the country. The plant allowed our client, Amazon, to buy large amounts of clean, low-cost electricity via the national grid, without the need to put a single solar panel on their property.

Since then we’ve been building over half a gigawatt of wheeling projects for private energy users like Tronox Mineral Sands, Sibanye-Stillwater, African Rainbow Minerals, and the South African Breweries.

The wheeling mechanism is simple: we deliver electricity to the grid from one of our huge renewable energy plants. We bill you for the power, and Eskom reduces your electricity bill accordingly.

SOLA’s innovative wheeling contracts allow large energy consumers to purchase green electricity either on the basis of longer term contracts with higher energy cost savings, or on the basis of more flexible, shorter contract terms. Energy is available from mature projects that are entering construction, providing a rapid route to bulk financial savings and green benefits for interested buyers.

All of our projects are planned and developed with battery storage in mind, allowing us to deliver power during peak demand periods as and when the economics make sense, and enabling improved client savings and higher renewable energy penetration.

SOLA is now expanding its ground-breaking multi-buyer offering and will be bringing hundreds of megawatts of renewable power to interested buyers across the country by the end of 2026…

We’re inviting South African businesses that are drawing more than 5MW from the Eskom grid to realise their cost-saving and carbon reduction goals by signing up to purchase clean electricity from South Africa’s leading provider of clean energy to the private sector.

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